Five Least Known Ways to Keep Your Carpets Sparkling Clean

Cleaning Carpet Have you ever visited some family friends and got amazed by how clean their carpets looked? You can’t understand how they have managed it yet they have four children, pets and a bunch of visitors streaming their home now and then. Well, it’s simple. They are well aware of the necessary tips to keep their carpets clean all the time. You can also have your carpets look the same by applying the below easy tips.

Keep off outdoor shoes in the house.

It should be a rule in your house that no outdoor shoes should be allowed indoors. These shoes are carriers of all type of dirt tracked from nobody knows where. Although the rule might appear tough to visitors who don’t like removing their shoes, always let them know you have good attentions. After all, it is your house and your rules too. If anybody isn’t comfortable with remaining barefoot, invest in indoor shoes that one can put on after removing the dirty ones. Better still, you can put a shoe holder at the entrance of your house. Shoes make a carpet wear off, and that explains why high traffic areas such as corridors always look aged.

Never allow dirt to build up

Treat your carpet with much respect just like the way you do to yourself. Do you let dust build up on your body to have a shower? The definite answer is no. Similarly; don’t allow dirt and dust to pile up on your carpet to have it cleaned. In most cases, the dust particles are very tiny to be seen by the naked eye. You might therefore not know when it gets dirty enough to deserve a cleanup. The obvious rule of the thumb should be to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week. You can do it even more times depending on the traffic the carpet is exposed to.

Groom your carpet

Just like humans, carpets need some grooming. Maintain the carpet by investing in a grooming rake. Use the rake to work on the rug’s fibers each time you use a vacuum cleaner. Through grooming, the fibers remain strong and resilient giving a shiny look when you and your visitors set eyes on it.

Invest in professional cleaningMaid Cleaning Carpet

Although well-maintained carpets can easily get cleaned by the use of DIY techniques, professional cleaning once or twice a year is required. (Check out these carpet cleaners in Decatur, GA)  The cleaning extends the carpet’s lifespan as well as maintaining its perfect condition. The cleaners help keep off stains from your carpet by spraying a carpet protector during the cleaning process. The carpet protector has a powerful chemical that protects your carpet from absorbing drink and food spills into the fibers. The protector dries up turning into a clear coating that prevents dirt from getting absorbed.

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Exterior Home Maintenance and Lawn Care

mowingThe exterior of your home lays a platform for people to judge the entire view of your house. The outer areas such as the grass, fences, pavements, roofing, and gutters need to be inviting and attractive. This way, your home not only becomes a center of attraction to neighbors and passersby but also a perfect place for you and your family to relax when outdoors. However, to have such an exterior look, you need to heed to several care and maintenance tips.

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How to Schedule your Home Cleaning Services

Various household cleaning supplies in a box. Pure white background, soft shadows.Every homeowner desires to have a relaxed, happy and calm home. However, this is only possible when a home is kept clean all the time. Well, the commonest question by most people is, how often do I need to clean my home? The answer to this question is what this article aims to answer. There are different areas and rooms in your home. Each of them has a different time frame of how often they need a cleanup.


 Surprisingly, this is among the most neglected room in most homes. The bathroom has different areas that need to be well attended to

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What is involved in Eco -friendly Home Cleaning?

Cleaning CarpetIn this time and age where every state advocates for environmental care, most cleaning companies are now getting into green cleaning services. The service involves the use of non-toxic products and practices that pose no harm to your home as well as its occupants. In simple language, the use of harmful chemicals can be replaced by applying a little common sense in our daily activities.

How to clean your home in the green way

Keep the doors and windows open.

Air fresheners and deodorizers bought over the counter may give your home the fragrance you need, but you can the same free of charge. By making it a tradition to keep the home windows and doors open during the day, you are naturally bringing in fresh air in the house that will keep off any odors. Better still, if you have trees and other plants around your home, the natural breeze will offer a free breathtaking atmosphere. Some commercial fresheners contain harmful products that could cause respiratory complications to some family members. Getting rid of this is easy since you only need to get fresh air naturally by keeping all the windows and doors open when required.

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Working With a Bonded House Cleaning Maids and Cleaners

Cleaning kitchen with spray and spongeWith a world full of hectic schedules, fast-paced lifestyles and very minimal free time, most people find it necessary to hire a maid to handle the cleaning duties around their home. In most cases, homeowners prefer taking insured housemaids from a cleaning company. Probably, you have not worked with such maids in the past and, therefore, do not understand how their services work. So, before you book an appointment with them, you need to know what to expect from bonded and insured maids.

Bonding vs. Insurance

Bonding protects your possessions and ensures their protection during the time the cleaning maids are in your home. In case the possessions are damaged or lost, the customer gets compensation

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Tips on How to Clean Electrical and other Home Appliances

refridgeratorHome appliances are the best co-assistants we can ever get around the home. They help us cook, wash clothes, keep our food safe and even humidify our rooms. The only way to give them a pat on their surfaces is a clean environment and attention. The article, we shall explore the various ways to keep the appliances clean and well maintained to serve you longer.


Least known to many homeowners, space behind the refrigerators is one of the dirtiest areas in the house. The area acts as a meeting place for dust and other contaminants. By pulling the appliance, mopping the area and vacuuming the refrigerator coils will help prolong its life.  The fridge’s inside can become spotlessly clean through the use of water and vinegar to clean it. Fingerprints can easily get extracted by using a damp cloth and some friction on the affected area.

Additionally, never overload your refrigerator with food. An overloaded refrigerator makes its compressor overwork contributing to massive energy bills. You also need to read the manufacturer’s manual to understand which type of food to store on which area of the refrigerator.

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What to Look For in a Cleaning Company

spring cleaningThe modern world where homeowners have become quite busy in running different errands, home cleaning services have become a necessity and not a luxury. As a result, various cleaning companies have cropped up ready to assist the desperate homeowners. Some of these companies are scams that do not deliver what they promise. This article will put into perspective the qualities you need to watch out when looking for a cleaning company.

Is the company insured?

In this time and age, you cannot afford to take anything for granted. The cleaners are likely to get hurt while working at your home or break some of your precious items. Accidents are likely to occur even with the utmost precaution. Ensure the home cleaning company you settle for has insurance that covers the employees as well as injuries, damage and loss that may happen in your home.

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Kitchen Cleaning and Organization

kitchenThe most frequented area in your home is the kitchen. It is also the area that is more prone to dirt due to the high traffic. So, this room stands as the most crucial point that needs better cleaning and organization to ease its daily use. Below, we shall look into ways to keep your kitchen organized at all times.

Empty the cabinets

You will be amazed at the clutter in your cabinets that you no longer need. Always empty all the cabinets once in a while to discard the broken items, duplicate stuff and things you long forgot that you had them. Most kitchens have small storage areas, therefore, aim at leaving only those that you need.

Group all the like items

Nothing will better the ease of access to the kitchen than grouping all the like items together. For instance, sort all the baking accessories and put them together. Take the dishes and sort them from the glassware, plastics, melanin to those that you only need their services seasonally. By piling all these items in the same area, you will find it easy to access whatever you need in the kitchen.

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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cleaning Company

cleaning in progressWhether you have a small or big home or office, you need to keep it clean always. However, depending if you have a busy schedule you may result in hiring a cleaning contractor to work on the area. Well, there are many benefits associated with getting the cleaning services as there are disadvantages. Let us have a look at a broad analysis of each.

Pros of hiring a cleaning company

Saved time and energy

The ultimate truth is, cleaning is not for the faint-hearted. From dusting to mopping to scrubbing to hovering to ensuring the rooms get a flawless look is not easy. The entire exercise is tedious and requires much dedication with time and energy. By hiring a professional to do the work, you get to have time and energy to run other errands and chores requiring your attention.

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How to Clean and Maintain Different Floor Types

Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning CarpetThe floor covering is one of the aspects that catch any visitors’ attention when they come your home. The flooring includes the laid carpets, rugs, the fitted upholstery and the floor itself. It is, therefore, essential to keeping these areas clean and well maintained. To understand how you can keep these areas attractive to the eyes, focus on the pointers below.

Tips on care and maintenance of the floor coverings

Remove stains once they occur

You have heard it severally, and the same phrase will get a repetition here- clean stains immediately they occur. Fast attention to fresh spills and stains helps prevent gross stains and spots that may be irreversible when left for too long. Professional cleaners advice that what attributes to permanent stains, is the extended time they are left exposed on the surface. The best thing with fresh stains is that they can easily get extracted by applying DIY techniques.

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